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A lot of effort goes into actually closing a small deal that what we see. From building relationships to providing the most intricate solutions to any possible problem being faced by the customer, keeping in mind the difference in opinion of every individual, sales is tedious and time-consuming. Lucky for you, you have nothing to worry about.

Our team at GladOwl is well-equipped and excel at advising the best to your clients. We believe in creating bonds that last more than just that one deal thus promising you sustainable leads and the perfect client for your fine establishment.


Inside sales

Associated with not having a direct contact with the clients, inside sales allows a person to contact their customers and leads via email, calls, text messages and also social media contact.

B2B Sales

Business to business sales are those that connect a company to sell their product or services to another business instead of an individual. The end product of one company might just be the raw product of another.

Affiliate Sales

Considering the commission a platform takes, affiliate sales refers to the one company’s platform allowing another brand to use their site as a advertising medium to boost their sales and have a higher reach in the market.

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One of the first places where a customer turns to when going onto their purchasing journey is the website of the company. Having an appealing, pleasant to the eyes view of the website optimizes the ability to attract visitors and capture leads.


Digital Platforms

Having online marketplaces, e-commerce and customer portals is beneficial to a business in more than one way. Allowing the customers with their technical documents, sample quotes and have an open consultation panels increases walk in, curating into leads.


Chat and Live Conversations Tools

Chatbots and Live conversation tools have been proven to be very effective when it comes to initiating sales. These features assist the customer to be directed towards self-service solutions and provide an interactive customer experience.

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Digital Advertisements

Creating digital advertisements is a targeted way of reaching out to the audience that perfectly fits the product of one’s establishment. This allows you to target people that match the customer profile of the ones who are most likely to be interested in you brand and your product.

Social Media

With the amount of people currently using social media around the globe, it is by far the most crucial means of communicating and engaging with an audience. Prospective buyers sell a lot of time on platforms such as instagram, linkedIn, facebook, etc., therefore engaging them using corporate social media strategies is something to look our for.



Telecommunication does not just narrow down to making phone calls to prospect buyers, instead it also covers areas such as the radio, podcasts, etc. Telecommunication is a step of persuasion towards a customer to encourage them into buying their product or services.

Lead Nurturing

Anticipate the needs of the buyer based on who they are, is what successful lead nurturing is about. This allows the prospective customers and clients to be provided with the most engaging and relevant content in correlation with their situation, which further helps build a strong brand loyalty before a prospect is ready to finalize the sale.

  • S.M.S

  • Whatsapp

  • Email

Digital emails are used by one to initiate the ‘cold’ conversations and also have a follow up with the ‘warm’ leads. It is also used in solving out any customer inquiries along with the mass circulation of newsletters and catalogs that make sure to have your brand name on the top of their minds.


CPQ - Configure, price, quote

To provide with an accurate pricing for any given product or configuration, CPQ is used by companies as a sales tool, which also takes in account for the optional functionalities, customizations, and any other variations which allow the sale reps to quote a price without any hassle and more accurately.

  • Sales Automation

  • Sales Engagement

  • Sales Enablement

  • Sales Prospecting

  • Sales Management

  • Forecasting and Analysis

  • Sales Productivity

  • Sales Mapping

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