Do’s & Dont’s

Do’s & Dont’s

MPSC Preparation Startegy - Do's

  • Prepare a proper schedule: There must be a proper plan to cover a wide range of syllabus for the MPSC Rajyaseva exam. Candidates should start preparing in advance and have short-term and long-term study plans/objectives. Before moving to advanced topics, one should focus on the basics (NCERT & Maharashtra State Board books). Also, taking the advice of several MPSC Rajyaseva books can lead to confusion. It is recommended to have 2-3 good books for each subject to save their valuable time.
  • Taking Mock Tests: Aspirants should regularly take a mock test to solve previous MPSC Rajyaseva question papers, practice papers, and understand the MPSC Rajyaseva pattern and better time management. Candidates should also read newspapers and general books to enhance their knowledge, reading and writing skills, and current affairs. Candidates should give equal weightage to all the subjects, sections, and stages of the exam and sufficient preparation time.
  • Current Affairs Preparation: Many students mistake picking up a booklet of current affairs in the hope of completing it. The fact is that the information will be overloaded, and your memory will not be able to withstand the sudden load. So from now on, spend a few hours every day on current affairs and make sure to revisit regularly. Even if you can’t complete all the current events, don’t worry. Study what you can do and make improvements. The same applies to the work of the map – give it some time every day and keep reviewing.
  • Regulate your study time: Study at 25-minute intervals, stop taking 5-minute breaks. Over several days, this method allows your brain to transfer all the information from short-term to long-term memory.
  • Check out the Exam Venue: You should visit the MPSC Rajyaseva exam site once before the exam day to not be surprised on that day. You will also know the best mode of transport. Make sure you arrive at the exam venue 50 minutes to 1 hour before the scheduled time. Also, if you are thinking of getting into a cab, keep in mind that the cab will be in huge demand, and so you should keep a buffer for 10-15 minutes. Last-minute crowds and anxiety about getting to the venue can harm your concentration.

MPSC Preparation Startegy - Dont's

  • Do not be afraid: The MPSC Rajyaseva exam paper is the same for everyone. Trust your exam preparation and give your best. Any concern before or during the exam will affect your performance. Close your eyes, close everything, and take a minute to take a deep breath. Although at first glance, the paper looks tough
  • Do not deviate from the syllabus: Candidates should not deviate from the MPSC Rajyaseva syllabus as the questions asked in the examination are based on the syllabus given. Candidates should not ignore the basics and NCERT & Maharashtra State board books, as some of the questions are based on basics. One should avoid buying too many books or collecting too much material to study for the MPSC Rajyaseva exam as it would be a waste of time.
  • Don’t mug up: While preparing, aspirants should focus on things and focus on learning/understanding important points and events and understanding various topics. Also, lack of consistent preparation, practice, and repetition can hamper their MPSC Rajyaseva exam preparation process.
  • Do not make mistakes in the attendance sheet: During the exam, you will have to fill the attendance sheet, where you will also have to fill the circles. Be very careful, and it will only take 1-2 minutes. However, if you make a mistake, the test centers will help you, saving you time and adding stress. Candidates appear to be making mistakes in exam marks. So, be very careful.
  • Do not over-attempt: Never assume that you will have to try to use a predefined number of questions. After trying the MPSC Rajyaseva exam paper, you will mentally understand how difficult the paper is. If the paper seems too hard and you are well prepared, try about 100-110 questions. So, again, there is no fixed number, but don’t force yourself to try like 140-150 questions because some toppers have done so.

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