Teaching Methadology

Teaching Methadology


As we all aware that this exam is not mere test of knowledge and information in fact it aims at evaluating an candidate’s Suitability to the challenging and ever important civil services across the country. A team of highly experienced faculty devotes itself to research and analysis, So as to understand clearly the subject matter of the General studies and the optional Subject in a systematic manner, capacity to write a long analytical and imaginative essay in an impressive style, formulate and present his answer in the most direct logical, constructive and analytical manner.

We at RIIM IAS ACADEMY pays attention on participatory and interactive learning. Besides, with latest technology and up-to-date pedagogic methods are used to give our students a competitive edge over others. We believe without Test and discussion, teaching is useless. So at RIIM IAS ACADEMY fortnightly Test is compulsory, set of study material also provided by the academy to supplement the teaching.

  • Delivering the same information in multiple ways to maintain conceptual clarity.
  • The highest quality and most relevant printed materials in India.
  • Use cutting-edge technology such as audio videos and pictorial representations to create a genuine knowledge of the subject.
  • Put your faith in one-on-one attention to address both the most talented and the least talented hopefuls.
  • Awe-inspiring insights that help you come up with the best solutions
  • A thorough examination of prior year’s questions to verify
    • Proper alignment
    • Sets priorities for topics
    • Assists you in deciding what to read and, more significantly, what not to read.
    • Prepares you for the major exam with the proper strategy.
  • Implement a variety of success tactics, as no single strategy will work for everyone due to individual variances

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