Honorary Director

Honorary Director

Hon. Shri Krishna Prakash

Commissioner of Police, Pimpr-Chinchwad

Dear Aspirants,

We are committed to creating a responsible and ethical administrative workforce for the betterment of the nation. At RIIM IAS Pune we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every aspirant is motivated to surpass his own potential through the exhaustive teaching methodology. Our candidates are also trained with all necessary modern educational skills. We pull out all the stops in making the candidate absolutely ready in all sense for a job in the prestigious civil services. They are given multiple opportunities to interact and hear valuable insights from bureaucrats, industry experts, public servants, and influential functionaries.

RIIM-Arihant believes in providing all civil service aspirants with the necessary support to shine as public service professionals. Hence, we have instituted the Krishna Prakash Scholarship which consists of a 100% waiver in the tuition fees as well as lodging and food fees.

Come – let the experts at RIIM guide you towards a bright future in the administrative sector of the nation.

Krishna Prakash

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