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Lead generation can get the most potential customers for your business knocking on your doorstep.Our expert team at GladOwl® is well-versed in the art and science of lead generation. We deploy a multi-faceted approach 

GladOwl® is a digital marketing company with a collective team experience of decades in generating leads for businesses from different industries. Right from understanding the business goals, developing a strategy, executing it with the right visuals and content, to engaging with customers and finally measuring the success of the campaign, we follow a systematic process for all our online marketing clients.


A lead is a person who showcases an interest in your company’s products or services, in any way, shape, or form.

In the realm of marketing and sales, a lead is an individual or entity that demonstrates interest in a company’s products or services. This interest can be expressed in various ways.

The different types of leads include Marketing Qualified Lead, Sales Qualified Lead, Product Qualified Lead, and Service Qualified Lead. Lead generation describes the process of capturing this interest and nurturing it further for successfully developing the sales funnel. Lead generator examples include blog posts, job applications, coupons, webinars, live events, online content, digital ads, and more. The process of lead generation involves attracting a stranger/visitor, converting him into a lead, closing the deal with a customer, and finally delighting with superior service, so they become brand ambassadors.


As the world is getting digital, lead generation has become the primary process in the sales cycle for most Pune businesses.

lead generation has emerged as a fundamental and indispensable process in the sales cycle for businesses in Pune, India.

In order to conduct this effectively, you need a smart strategy, analysis of your target market, and execution of campaigns that will connect key decision-makers with your brand. With our well-targeted and highly qualified in B2B and B2C markets, we become the first step for you to get closer to your customers. Based on the customers’ level of interest for the product or service you’re offering, we also help you nurture the most promising leads.


At GladOwl®,we use multiple media formats to help our clients make their lead generation campaigns successful. As a result, you get quicker outcomes, qualified leads, and higher profits for your business.


When you look for a lead generation company, look for someone who selects the right target audience. The entire success of lead generation lies in analysing which leads are right for your products and services. Focus on audience targeting so that you are always available to customers who are most likely to buy from you. At GladOwl® , we understand that this is the most inexpensive, efficient, and highly effective technique to reach out to prospects and ensure huge business.
It’s common for leads to get lost during the sales funnel or for sales teams to miss a few important leads. But not with GladOwl® . Our team works round the clock to ensure that every qualified lead is tapped to its full potential throughout the entire sales cycle. Once we capture the leads through our various marketing campaigns – websites, email, or landing pages, we help your team track all the details in real-time. For instance, the contact details, email history and rep activity. With all this information, your team can focus on moving the lead across the sales funnel rather than just being stuck in the CRM.

Once we have captured and organized your leads on the basis of their interest levels and the probability of conversions, it’s time to go a step further and nurture the most captivating leads. Our design and content teams work together to develop email campaigns to reach out to your prospective customers. We also help you with customized lists and dedicated messages to target specific leads. With GladOwl® , you can look forward to personalized interactions with your prospects and close deals in no time.     


Unless you know the results of your efforts, there’s no way to judge the efficiency of your marketing. With our real-time reporting techniques, you can see how well your campaign is performing. Right from monitoring lead volumes, understanding the conversion rates to knowing the sources which are driving the most profitable leads, we go above and beyond to deliver complete ROI.


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