From the Desk of Dr. Asmita Kadam

There is nothing more valuable than realizing your dreams and serving your people. I have always been taught about the power of belief. I was encouraged to believe in myself and set goals that kept me up and going. I have learnt that all it takes to achieve what you dream of is a positive approach, a go-getter attitude and immense hard work. Since I was young, my parents inculcated in me the value of service and the feeling of gratitude, teaching me that no matter how successful you are, you have a responsibility towards your people and your soil. 

Growing up, I was always enthused to take forward my father’s Dr. Patangrao Kadam Saheb’s legacy and make affordable, quality healthcare a given for everyone. His inspirational journey, his passion to do more and the ability to think ahead of time, instilled in me the importance of affordable healthcare and education. I am thankful for his teachings and the trust of people in me that I am able to offer a heightened healing experience and excellent healthcare facilities at reasonable cost, through Bharati Medical Foundation and Hospitals. 

Team Bharati is continually enhancing the offerings and services portfolio by mastering the newest innovations in technology and creating newer healing experiences for all. We take pride in our integrity and consistently deliver beyond expectations of all our stakeholders – on time and within budget.  We believe, this is just the beginning. Together, we have lots to do and more to accomplish.”