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Have you ever woken up with the craziest idea and just had the gut feeling that it could be something great? Just like the Lego blocks, building onto an idea, crazy or not, climbing every step of the ladder is called Branding. The entire process of building the brand identity of your company, brainstorming the fonts, logo, color palette, tagline, visual designs or even the tone of the brand; all these amalgamate to bring about the concept of branding.

Turning your idea into a company and a brand is what we do at GladOwl. We go the entire mile, from researching to developing and coming up with a distinctive feature to set u apart. Turning dreams into reality is what we do best. Consider us to be your fairy godmother, if you must!


Brand Strategy

The brand strategy of the company answers the question of why? Why the company needs to come into existence in the first place resonated with the strategy of the brand. The mission, vision, philosophy and purpose are the areas that ones covers.

Auditing and Research

When it comes to starting something new, doing your research is vital. Having knowledge about who you stand against (competitors) , who you are catering to (target audience), knowing the market and the legibility of the product you are putting up; all these help in creating and building something unique and relevant simultaneously.

Brand Identity

Every company has a personality that makes it easier to identify and communicate with. One can base their willingness to purchase on their interactions that they have had with a certain brand. The values that a company holds can speak a lot about the identity of the brand. Your brand identity also comprises the brand name, tagline and the brand story, that is exclusive for your company.

Style Guide

The way you physically portray your brand comes up to being your brand style. The colors you use, fonts and typography, the logo and everything related to presentation falls under the style guide. The visuals and imagery too is a part of your brand style.

Brand Awareness

The way you decide to convey your brand to the general public is a part of brand awareness. Having your target audience know what you are and what your brand stands for is, making it the new buzz or the talk of the town depends on how well u spread the word.


When a company wants to change even the smallest thing about their brand, be it just the slogan, it comes under the process of rebranding. Some companies tend to get an entirely new outlook to their brand but some stick to small changes. But all in all, any small change is a part of rebranding.

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